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Table tennis equipment

Table tennis equipment

Did you know that table tennis belongs to the fastest games?
At the championship the balls fly with the speed up to 160 km/h. 

Ping pong – this is a game played perhaps by everyone of us in the childhood. Somenone got involved so much that he/she became a professional table tennis player. However, the way to the championship goes through the right choice of the table tennis paddle, regular training and harmonising the technique. In our offer you find all for table tennis. We offer paddles with the ITTF certification as well as paddles at lower prices, however of high quality intended for hobby players and schools. 

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Vybíráme pálku na stolní tenis

A good paddle for professional game is made of flexible and light wood. The thickness and the cover surface of the playing part influence the striking power and ball rotation. We distinguish 3 basic covers - soft, lawn and sandwich. We meet mostly the cover soft due to which you rebound all strikes of the modern ping pong. There are no given sizes of table tennis paddles and that is why the professional players mostly choose their paddles according to their playing style, above all. We recommend for example a paddle for training of the basic strikes for the beginners. After the players learn how to do it it is good to adjust the choice of the paddle to the game. Will that be offensive or will there be outsanding offensive smashes? If you want to play table tennis only as a hobby with children at school or at a camp the resistant plastic paddles will be sufficient for you. Hobby players might like the set of paddles with balls for two. No matter whether you are a professional or a hobby player, in any case look after your paddle carefully and get a protective cover for it. Table tennis balls are chosen according to the colour of the table. Orange balls are used on the blue table and white ones on the green one. 

Jak se v ping pongu zlepšit?

Having chosen a paddle the only thing you need is to train. Reflexes can be trained best with a traning machine for table tennis. You will learn the correct posture standing with your legs apart and the body posture. If you purchase a ping pong table always choose it accroding to the placement. Are you going to play outdoor or indoor? The tables differ with the sizes and board thickness. When choosing the indoor ping pong table you should focus on the free space around the table. This should be at least 2 meters, especially for the beginners.