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About us

Radansport s.r.o.

Radansport s.r.o. is one of the largest distributors of sporting goods in the Czech and Slovak Republic. We supply wholesale to shops in almost all European countries. We also have our own franchise stores in Romania ( and Croatia ( In addition to wholesale, we also send goods to end customers in all European Union countries, we cooperate with sports clubs, schools or other social entities. You can also find our goods on Amazon and other retail stores.

We manufacture our goods under our own registered brand MERCO in 70 factories around the world. We also offer 165 other global brands - for some we are the sole or exclusive distributors, for others we have special conditions, such as our own branded products within Europe. Our e-shop offers over 10,000 items in the fields of sports, fitness, camping and home hobby products. We also have our own sewing workshop, where we are able to realize the production of sports jerseys according to the customer's wishes in a short time.

All of this takes place in a new logistics centre costing almost 100,000,000 CZK in České Budějovice. We look forward to working with you.