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Ricochet equipment

Ricochet equipment

Ricochet is the ideal solution for all those who want to gain health and sports fitness.
It is one of the healthiest sports.

In 30 minutes of play, Ricochet offers an ideal workout for the whole body, speeding up the activity of the heart and blood circulation without excessive strain, promoting mobility while saving joints and improving reflexes. Ricochet is easy and quick for anyone to learn and requires no expensive equipment. The rules, the flow of the game and the basic movements can be playfully mastered, and only a racket and ball are needed to play. The sport, which originated in Canada, is successfully expanding and gaining takers all over the world. From our range, we recommend this Venom racquet or the H2Pro racquetball. Other accessories for the game of ricochet, including sportswear or racquet accessories, can be purchased from us at very reasonable prices.


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