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Marks, cones, poles, hurdles, ladders

Marks, cones, poles, hurdles, ladders

Complete offer of training aids for agility training.  The aids can be used in team as well as individual sports mostly for the purpose of improving the coordination, speed and power of the lower extremities. The part of these are also accessories used to brush up the sport performances. The main advantage ist the practical use in gymnasiums, on playgrounds and stadiums. 

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Jak vybrat tréninkové pomůcky?

Training aid enables to make perfect an individual playing activity of the player which often occurs in the game. The players can pay the maximal attention to the exercises and adjust the intensity as they want. 

Should the use of the training aid be effective it should fulfil the following conditions:
- be simple,
- can be used for enough exercises involved in the training,
- can be folded and carried easily.

Training aids can be divided:

  • according to the place of use:

a) play ground
b) hall (gymnasium)

  • which abilites they are intended for:

a) speed and endurance
b) coordination 
c) power