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Rotor floorball ball white

Stable due to its surface similar to a golf ball, this model can be used in official competitions.

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Product description

The Rotor floorball ball belongs to the category of higher-quality balls. The surface of the ball simulates a golf ball and, thanks to its specific properties, ensures better guidance and a shot on goal. The ball has official approval for use in matches organized by the CFBU. You can choose from several color designs. If you are one of the more advanced floorball players, then the Rotor ball is exactly for you.

About the brand Oxdog

Oxdog is a Swedish/Finnish brand and the leader of innovations in floorball and also the biggest floorball brand in social media. The brand started in 2011 when a few friends who had worked together for a long time in floorball had a dream to make the most innovative floorball brand that really improves the players’ performance to a higher level. They knew that a new brand can survive and have a long life, if they create something totally new and make things different way. New way.

A wide range of innovation was made. SBS (Stick Balance System), world’s first and only Onepiece stick, Rotor ball, world’s first and only CPB – Carbon piece in blade, HES – High Energy Shaft, ART for goalies etc. highly technical details have been a trademark of Oxdog all these years.

Manufacturer Oxdog
colour white
country of origin Sweden
Code 12412

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Rotor floorball ball white

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