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Pro Kennex

ProKennex introduced its first ideas on how to improve athletes' tennis equipment as early as 1978. It was this year that Kunnan Enterprises Ltd was established in Taiwan, which began manufacturing products bearing the ProKennex label. However, the first aluminum rockets were preceded by experiments with wooden frames. However, both materials receded into the background in 1980 - ProKennex demonstrated the first ever mid-size graphite rocket. In addition to tennis, Pro-Kennex also focused on the production of graphite golf clubs. Despite the successes on the market so far, the biggest turning point came in 1994 - the unique Kinetic system saw the light of day. Kinetic has radically reduced shocks and vibrations that can seriously damage a player's elbow during prolonged play. Thanks to Kinetic, the frame is stabilized at the point of impact and significantly increases the efficiency and accuracy of the impact.


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