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Soccer Socks SoxShort

Socks SoxShort

The new, very popular SoxShort anti-slip socks are a clear choice not only for all soccer players, but also for other athletes from various sports. Thanks to the rubber coating on the foot, the foot is placed firmly in the shoe without slipping in any way. A more confident feeling will give you much better concentration during training. You can focus as much as possible on the game. Every impact and tread is much more comfortable in these socks.

Soccer socks SoxShort with anti-slip treatment

Maximum comfort and stability during soccer training.

Choice of several colors.

Maximum customer satisfaction.


Testing of socks

The socks are made of a combination of quality materials and are thus breathable and sufficiently elastic. This property is crucial for socks.

SoxShort socks adapt to sizes from 38 to 45 (EU) for their elasticity.

Just choose the right color and after using SoxShort, your feet will feel real comfort.

Other color variants