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New | Goal Rebounder Soccer Trainer

Goal Rebounder Soccer Trainer from Merco

The new soccer simulator from the Merco brand is completely unique. It connects two training aids together. Soccer bouncer and soccer goal at the same time. All in one simple and high-quality construction. You no longer have to spend a lot of time running for the ball into the goal. The Goal Rebounder allows you to hone your shooting, practice passes, improve your handling and improve your reflexes and catching techniques for your goalkeepers.

Under the Merco brand, we design and have our own sports equipment manufactured. We focus on sports equipment for gyms and sports fields for schools, sports clubs, fitness and home workout.

Goal Rebounder Soccer Trainer and goal
Use also for group training

Great choice for individual training and classic group training.

You no longer have to go for the ball into the goal.

The trainer is suitable for all ages.


Choice of dimensions 120x80, 180x120 or 240x120 cm

You will use this training aid not only for individuals, but also for group football trainings. Whether in pairs or with the whole team, you can use the trainer in various ways during the classic training. Goal Rebounder is suitable for all ages. A huge advantage is also its weight. It is relatively low, which is why the trainer can carry a child. We recommend carrying larger size trainers in pairs. The football simulator has a steel construction with powder coating and a robust nylon net, which allows the correct reflection of the ball. The assembly of the trainer takes only a few minutes, thanks to the precisely fitting metal tubes, which you insert into each other. Tension the bounce net by threading three elastic ropes into the metal eyelets located on the pipes and attaching to the structure.

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