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How to choose a gymnastic ball?

Who is it suitable for?

The most popular and widely used rehabilitation aids are undoubtedly large gymnastic balls (also called gymballs). Gymnastic balls offer a wide range of possibilities for exercising back and other muscles. Exercising on a large ball is suitable for all adults, as an exercise for pregnant women, or exercise for the elderly. Increasingly, gymnastic balls are also appearing in kindergartens and other facilities for children, who will have a lot of fun while exercising, among other things. Gymballs help to improve or even eliminate muscle tension disorders, musculoskeletal disorders, correct spinal misalignments (scoliosis) and round backs (kyphosis), improve breathing coordination in respiratory diseases and can even help with heart conditions.

Classic gymballs

The right size

When choosing a ball, its size is important - when you sit upright on the ball and place your feet on the ground, your hips and knees should be at right angles. The size of the gymnastics ball is determined by the height of the user. Gymballs are categorized by diameter, usually 45 cm, 55 cm, 65 cm, 75 cm and the largest 85 cm. There are also extra large gymnastic balls with diameters up to 120 cm or oval gymnastic balls, which are used more for specific rehabilitation exercises, most often under the guidance of a physiotherapist.

výška postavyvelikost míče
140 - 155 cm45 cm
150 - 165 cm55 cm
160 - 180 cm65 cm
175 - 190 cm 75 cm
185 cm a více 85 cm

 Gymball with massage protrusions

Gymball with accessories

Benefits of using

Many of the health problems that plague us, including back pain, are a result of our modern lifestyle. We sit for too long, at school, at work and even in our leisure time. Lack of exercise leads to a loss of natural muscle strengthening, which as a result is quite a risk to our health. Strengthening the back muscles, for example on a large ball, and appropriate physical activity are not only a prevention against back pain, but have a positive effect on the whole body. Exercise also has a positive effect on a person's state of mind.

The gymnastic ball is an exercise and rehabilitation aid suitable for all types of treatment such as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, back muscle exercises, prenatal exercises, standard rehabilitation, psychomotor exercises and also for improving posture.

If your back hurts from sitting on a chair or you feel comfortable by sitting on it, you can use a gymnastic ball as a substitute, which also promotes healthy sitting. When sitting on the ball, it is important to be in such a position that your knees are at right angles and the soles of your feet are touching the ground. However, do not substitute the chair for the ball throughout the day; use the ball about 2 to 3 times for 30 minutes.

správné držení těla
lepší rovnováha
aktivace středu těla
nezatěžuje klouby
cvičení i relaxace

Jumping ball childern

                               Gymball in the peanut shape

                         Gymnasticball in the donut shape

Instruction of use

  • The gymnastic ball must be inflated before its first use.
  • Do not inflate the ball beyond the prescribed maximum diameter shown on the ball and on the packaging.
  • Inflate the ball gradually and slowly.
  • The ball should be at room temperature.
  • After the first inflation, let the ball stand for a few hours before using it.
  • A ball inflated to 90% of its maximum diameter is best.
  • Do not leave the ball near sharp or pointed objects or light sources. Do not use balls near stairs.
  • Balls can be stored inflated in special bowls and ball stands or in nets.

                            Gymball with the possibility of attaching expanders

TIP: On the gymnastics ball you can perform various exercises to stretch the whole body.

What to inflate the gymnastics ball with?

Foot pump

You squeeze the pump while standing with your foot so you can comfortably inflate the gymnastics ball.

Hand pump

Classic pump for inflating water accessories, mattresses and gymnastic balls.


With a compressor you inflate the ball fastest and effortlessly. However, electricity is required.

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