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What to get into the home fitness?

Nowadays, it is a growing trend to create your own home gym. That doesn't mean you have to immediately have a room with all the machines you know from the fitness center. It's easy to get by with simple, basic equipment that will give you a full-body workout in your living room, for example, and they're not as space-intensive and therefore easy to keep in place when you're done.

We recommended as a basic equipment

A pad

A training mat is the most basic element for your home fitness. There are different variations of mats. The foam mat is a basic option that you can use for camping, among other things. If you want a slightly more durable mat, get a rubber one or one made of firmer foam. If you want a larger surface area to exercise on, we recommend you get a tatami or fitness mat.

TIP: Read our article How to choose an exercise mat to learn more about what to look for when you're choosing the right exercise mat for you. 

Výhody cvičení na podložce:
- cvičení je  mnohem pohodlnější a komfortnější
- s podložkou se vyhnete odřeninám na loktech, kolenou a zádech
- kvalitní podložka tlumí nárazy při dynamičtějším cvičení
- snížíte hluk vytvořený při cvičení při dopadu na zem, dupání
A weights

Dumbbells are one of the most basic weight training tools. You can encounter dumbbells not only in the gym, but you can also just get them for your home. Dumbbells can be divided into fixed weight and loading ones, which are variable and you can change the weight on them.

  • Fixed weights

Dumbbells, which have a fixed weight and at the same time a low weight, are suitable for exercises such as aerobics, zumba, running or fitboxing. In addition to their light weight (from 0.5 to 5 kg), you can recognize them because they are usually in a coloured version with a vinyl or neoprene surface. Dumbbells with fixed weights and heavier weights are often used in fitness centres.

  • Loading weights

When exercising at home, it is better to have a loading dumbbell where you can change the weight, as this avoids having to buy more dumbbells with different sizes.

Another division is into one-handed and two-handed.

  • One-handed weights

Compared to a large two-handed weight or machine, "one-handed" dumbbells allow you to perform exercises with much greater variability and range of motion. With them you can focus on smaller areas individually and train them more thoroughly over time.

  • Both-hand weights

Double-arm weights are suitable for more strength-intensive exercises such as squat, bench or deadlift. "Overhand dumbbells" are available in two variants, Olympic and standard. The difference is in the diameter of the loading part on the discs. Olympic dumbbells have a diameter of 50 mm, standard 25 mm.

Expanders, booster rubbers and resistance ropes


Expanders are ideal for strengthening muscles in the arms, chest, back and legs. You can use them with only your own body involved or you can hang them behind tools such as ladders, structures or trapezes. They are divided according to the resistance they exert during weight training and are colour-coded. They are suitable for strength training and stretching. Expanders are also a great tool for trapeze pull-ups.

With fitness elastic rubbers you can strengthen almost all muscle parts and they are also used for rehabilitation exercises. There is a choice of textile or latex resistance rubbers. You can choose from several levels of resistance to suit your individual requirements.

Resistance ropes are especially suitable for performance athletes. It helps a wide range of athletes to strengthen their overall physical fitness and muscle groups. In some cases, the resistance rope comes with a Velcro cuff and a carabiner that makes it easy to attach the rope.

Výhody cvičení s expandery a posilovacími gumami:
- variabilita cvičení
- dopomoc při cvičení
- lehké a skladné
- dlouhá životnost
- využití pro všechny věkové kategorie
Push-up handles

Push-up handles have become the basic store of home upper body strengthening, whether for push-ups or handstands. You can use the armrests for all variations of push-ups, as well as for various pull-ups. Exercising on the armrests will get you into a deeper push-up, making the exercise more effective. With different arm spans, you can strengthen your back muscles, shoulders or chest - the multifunctional plate with push-up handles on which are marked the individual positions is also suitable for this.

Jump rope

Skipping rope  is a classic tool for warming up before every exercise. It allows you to perform several types of fitness conditioning exercises, including in particular classic skipping. The jump rope should definitely not be missing in your home gym.

Hlavní svalové partie, 
které posílíte díky opěrkám na kliky:
- zádové svaly
- tricepsy
- ramena
- prsa
The trapeze bar

The trapeze bar belongs among multi-purpose tools not only for home training. The trapeze bar is a very practical device for shaping the muscles in the upper half of the body - it will strengthen your body in the back, shoulders and abdomen. We recommend the door trapeze for home training. These trapeze bars are attached to the door either by extending or hanging from the door frame - they are divided into telescopic and self-supporting. 

  • The door horizontal

The simple telescopic trapeze extends by screwing until it is firmly clamped between the door frames. When you have finished exercising, the trapeze can be easily screwed back on and put away. Just make sure you choose a trapeze suitable for the dimensions of your door frames.

  • Multi trainer

The self-righting trapeze does not need to be fixed - its rear part rests on the upper frame and is wedged against the door frame due to its weight. Compared to the telescopic version, the self-righting one offers more grip options so you can strengthen a wider range of muscles.

Some door handrails are supplied with additional accessories such as rubber pulls or safety catches to prevent release. As well as strengthening the upper body, the exercise also strengthens the stabilising muscles, which can help with long-term back pain. You can target different muscle groups when you work out depending on how far apart your hands are when you grip the trapeze.



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