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Parachute didactic aid

Practical children's parachute as a didactic aid for psychometric development, coordination and cooperation.

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Product description

Psychomotor parachute for kids is great exercise, game and teaching aid. It is used for smaller children for color differentiation, the spatial idea of the circle, the visual difference between the highs and lows. For older children, serve to emphasize rapid response to instruction in music or manager.

It is great to develop agility and dexterity as you move around it, under it on it. It is used to practice a sense of harmony in the movement and cooperation.

About the brand Merco

Under the Merco brand, we design and have our own sports equipment manufactured. Because we like to do sports, we always try to improve the training equipment by some practical gadgets. We focus on affordable sports equipment for gyms, schools, sports clubs, leisure activities, fitness and home workout.

Merco is a popular brand on the Czech market, especially for its excellent price-performance ration of sports equipment.

Manufacturer Merco
country of origin India
Code 21531

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Parachute didactic aid

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