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How to choose equipment for a dog?

Are you getting a dog or want to make your pet happy? Read our article to find out what dog's equipment we offer and what your dog will need. Your dog will be happy if you provide him with the right care, feeding and entertainment. We will advise you on what pet supplies will provide comfort for your dog, help with training, facilitate transportation and ensure quality care for your pooch.


Providing your dog with a comfortable and safe place to play and rest is essential. In our e-shop we offer soft beds in several colours and sizes, so that every dog can find his own. You can get your four-legged friend a practical mat for an afternoon of lounging. Especially in the summer, dogs appreciate cooling pads that move heat away from their bodies and help them cool down and prevent overheating. It's not only in the garden that safety needs to be kept in mind. Install mesh barriers in your home to prevent your dog from entering rooms where danger could be 'lurking'. You'll especially appreciate dog barriers if you have one or more puppies at home.

Dog beds

The dog bed is the place where your dog should feel safe and comfortable. He will sleep and rest here. The size of the dog bed should fit an adult dog. Remember that your dog will grow and if you don't want to get multiple sizes of beds over time, buy a larger one right away.

Dog pads

Dog pads are a useful accessory. They can be used at home, in the garden, in the kennel, in the car or on the road, where they can replace the bed. Choose from classic pads or get a cooling pad to help your dog cool down on hot summer days.

Fences, doors, barriers

Dog pens and barriers clearly define the area where your dog can move and where it is not allowed. With dog barriers and dog pens you will protect your dog, but also small children or furniture and things in the house.

Feeding, entertainment and training

The basis of a good dog care is a quality and balanced diet. Together with frequent activity, these are some of the most important factors that contribute to a dog's health. Of course, playing and frolicking are also popular dog activities. Therefore, you can get your dog dog toys and puzzles that will encourage him to increase his skills and intellect. Take a look at what dog toys we offer in our e-shop. We must not forget dog training, which must be started from the puppy. Choose from our selection of dog agility training items and get started training your pet, whether at home or on the training ground.

Dog bowles

The dog food bowl is usually made of stainless steel material. It is advantageous if the bowl has anti-slip measures on its bottom - for example, rubberization. This prevents the food from spilling out easily. You can also get your dog a practical rubber folding bowl that you can take with you wherever you need to go.

Puzzles and puzzles

Part of the fun and training of dogs is rewarding to some extent. A treat is a way of rewarding their skill or a skill they have learned since they were puppies. Therefore, when you go for a walk with your dog, it's a good idea to keep a small bag of treats handy. You can also hide your dog's treats in dog puzzles - this way they can practice their skills.

Balls, frisbees and agility aids

There are many toys for dogs. In our e-shop we offer a selection of several toys for outdoors and at home, which will surely keep your pets entertained. For example, try balls, puzzles, crawling tunnels and other training aids. Get your dog toys that you can fill with treats so he gets a reward for playing.

Going out and travelling with your dog

Walking and walking your dog every day is a nice duty that is good for your dog's health and yours. You can take your canine friend pretty much anywhere on outings, in the city or in the countryside. However, as a matter of courtesy, it is advisable to have a leash or harness with you. This will keep your pooch safely under control and help you cope better with his unexpected reaction to another person or dog. Check out our online shop to see what equipment you may need for walking and travelling with your dog.

Car washers

Do you travel with your dog in the car? You no longer have to deal with dirty seats from dog hair or dirty paws. Get a dog car mat for the back seat. Besides, you can use it on the sofa at home or even when visiting.


You can choose from a plethora of styles and colours for your dog's leash. But we can divide them into two basic groups, namely switchable (fixed) and self-retracting. The most important criterion when choosing is the length of the leash, which varies according to the weight of each breed.

Collars and harnesses

Dog collars have several uses - you can attach a leash to keep your dog under control or attach a dog tag to the collar. In addition to the collar, you can also attach the leash or dog tag to a harness (harnesses), which are more suitable for active dogs and puppies.

TIP: How to find out the right size dog collar? Measure your dog's neck circumference with a tailor's tape measure, making sure his head is upright and the tape measure is tight but not pinching. The width of the collar should match the width of the leash


The muzzle for dogs is mainly used when travelling on public transport or in places where it is compulsory for dogs to wear a muzzle. If you know that your dog does not tolerate places with a higher concentration of people or is sometimes aggressive to strangers, then it is advisable to put a muzzle on him.

Crates and backpacks

Is your dog not the travelling type or does he find it difficult to walk a longer route? That's okay - you can still take him with you on trips. Just get a dog backpack that will keep your pet comfortable and easier for you to carry. You'll both enjoy the trip! On the other hand, if you need to carry your dog over shorter distances, a pet crate will do the trick.

Swim wests

With the dog swimming vest you won't have to avoid water fun even with your dog. Swimming vests are becoming an indispensable accessory, thanks to which you can take your pet to the water or on a boat trip, even if he is not a proficient swimmer. How about enjoying a paddleboard ride with your canine partner?


Are you getting a dog? Then you may not know that there are several useful tools that will make it easier to care for his coat and hygiene. For the comfortable care of dogs, you will find several gadgets in our e-shop, such as a hand shower for dogs, brushes, combing gloves, protective collars or pools for dogs.

Showers, brushes and combing gloves

The hand shower makes it easy to wash your dog and thanks to the silicone protrusions you can brush his coat straight away. Showering with a dog shower is more pleasant for animals than with a classic shower head. We also offer brushes or brushing gloves for the care of the dog's coat.


In our e-shop you can find special towels for dogs. They have a high absorption capacity, so they sufficiently dry the coat. They are pleasant, soft and the main advantage is that they are pocket-shaped. You can put this on your hands and dry your dog better.

Dog pools

On warm days, your dog will have the best time by the water. If you don't have the opportunity to be by a pond or river, get your dog a doggy pool and let him cool off whenever he wants. The pool is suitable for the garden, terrace or balcony.

TIP: You should bathe your dog no more than once a quarter. If you scrubbed his coat with detergents too often, it would lose its self-cleaning ability and the dog would start to smell at shorter intervals. Brush your dog more often to clean his coat, prevent matting and remove loose hair.

Washer pet paw cleaner

Paw cleaners are an easy solution that will save you a lot of time washing your dog's paws. You don't have to worry about soiling the floor or yourself, as can happen when washing your dog. You'll appreciate this helper at any time of the year, and especially as fall approaches.

Protective collars

The protective collars are designed to prevent your dog from scratching or licking himself, for example, after a surgical procedure, injury or rash. There are several sizes to choose from, so they will fit every dog.

Excrement collectors

Get a handy tool for picking up dog poop in our e-shop. Every owner will appreciate it if they make this job easier when walking their pet dog. We recommend using a bag in the collector. Just pick up the pile with the picker and throw it in the bin.




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