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Ultimate YTH wooden stick

Suitable for young and novice hockey players and players of field hockey. Lightweight, wooden structure with solid blade made of fiberglass.

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Product description

Wooden Hockey Stick CCM Ultimate Yth is very durable. The blade of this model is made from fiberglass with a core made of ABS material. Thanks to used material the hockey stick is very lightweight (approx. 400 g). Its length is 128 cm (measured from the ground).

LH – left hand down
RH – right hand down

About the brand CCM

CMM Hockey is a Canadian brand of ice hockey equipment. CMM was held by two separate entities both maintaining the CMM trademark, one manufacturing hockey equipment and the other manufacturing bicycles. CCM manufactures a wide range of ice hockey equipment at all price points, from recreational to professional. Main endorsers of CCM players gear include Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Connor McDavid.

Manufacturer CCM
bend 29 , LH 29, RH 29
length 113 cm
weight 400 g
dimensions youth
material wood
hardness 35
performance hobby players
country of origin Ukraine
gender player


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