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Trick 2 Air Track

Inflatable mat with dimensions 200 x 100 x 10 cm. Includes a compressor and carry bag.

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Product description

AirTrack Trick 2 is a professional and modern training aid for the development of virtually all acrobatic elements. It can be used not only for gymnastics, martial arts, dance or parkour training, but also for leisure jumping at home. Each time you use it, it carefully checks the area where you will place the pad. Avoid sharp edges and various bumps. In the case of outdoor use in the garden or in the park, we recommend using a base pad that would protect the AirTrack itself from possible damage. AirTrack absorbs shocks, reducing the risk of injury. For this reason, it is suitable for even the smallest ones. You also regulate the correct functionality with the pressure density. If you want to use this tool more for efficient and dynamic jumps, we recommend that you do not inflate to full volume. Otherwise, when training corners, handstands or somersaults, inflate the Airtrack so that it is hard enough. Make sure the AirTrack pressure matches your needs before each workout. 

The package also includes a practical carrying case. In the inflated state, the side loops facilitate the transfer. The inflation itself is provided by an electric compressor. We recommend purchasinghand pumps Air 120 or Air 180 for use outside the range of the power supply.

Warning: Read the safety instructions before using the AirTrack!

Dimensions: 200 x 100 x 10 cm
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Package includes: compressor, carry bag

About the brand Exon Jump

The Exon Jump brand focuses on the production of sports equipment for athletics, gymnastics and parkour. This company offers, for example, mats, inflatable airtracks and other aids for a safer and better quality of training or physical education classes. Their aids can also be used in every fitness center, leisure club, or just for free time at home or in the garden.

Manufacturer Exon Jump
country of origin China
Code 42304
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