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Down-hill sticks

Down-hill sticks

Quality ski sticks are an intergral part of the equipment of every skier. As for the downhill sticks the lenght, flexiblity, material and the use (professional, sport, hobby) are important above all. They are made of the alloys of aluminium, composite materials, combination of aluminium and composite or carbon. 

How to find out the suitable lenght of ski sticks? There are several ways:

  • Standing without ski boots grasp the upturned stick under the basket   – the forearm should be in the right angle or eventually slightly leaning to the ground.
  • Divide the body height by the number 1,4.
  • Deduce 50 cms from the body height.
  • Some producers have their own tables accoridng to which you find out the suitable lenght of sticks.


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