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Do you know that the biggest and they smallest players in the history of NBA were co-players? 
Tyrone Bogues with his height of 160 cms has been till now the smalles player in the history of  NBA. His colleague Manute Bol whose height was admirably 231 cms, surprised not only fans but also the opponents. 

Basketball, in Czech also basket game, is a team ball sport originating from the United states. It is played on a court of a rectangular shape with a hard surface and without hurdles, there are basketball baskets placed on the two shorter sides. In our e-shop you find equipment for indoor as well as outdoor basketball courts, public or school gymnasiums. Basketball stands with a board and all-metal frame are a suitable solution if you need to move the stand. We offer basketball boards and rims (baskets) for a firm placing on the wall. Another necessary part of equipment for playing basketball are the balls made of rubber, synthetic or genuine leather. Further, you find a wider choice of training aids for basketball players due to which they can improve their conditioning and co-ordination preparation. 


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