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Smash Ball roundnet set

Popular fun game for 2 or 4 players. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. A complete set including a trampoline, two balls and a hand pump.

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Product description

Roundnet is an increasingly popular sports game in the world. This game is designed for 2 or 4 players (teams 2 vs 2) and you can play it both indoors and outdoors. The complete set Powershot Smash Ball will provide you and your friends with lots of hours of fun, healthy movement, you will train your perception, accuracy and speed. The set contains a construction with 5 plastic legs, 5 plastic rods, 25 hooks, net, two small rubber balls, hand pump with needle and practical case for easy carrying and storage. After assembly, the trampoline has a diameter of approximately 90 cm and a height of 20 cm. Whether you are looking for a game for home use or for your holiday, the Smash Ball set will entertain the whole family.

You start the game with serving the ball to the net to opponent's site. He has 3 touches to return the ball back against the net (with outstretched palm). It is played until one team gets 21 points.

- When the ball doesn't hit the net within three hits during a possession
- The ball hits the ground
- The ball hits the rim. (This includes during serves)
- The ball does not bounce off the net on a single bounce, also known as a double hit. The ball must clear the rim of the net completely.
- There are two illegal serves in a row.
- In a team, players must take turns (as in volleyball).
- The player hits themselves or their teammate with the ball after it makes contact with the net

About the brand Powershot

Under the Powershot brand, in our e-shop you will find mainly playground equipment and training aids for football, which are suitable for home use, for schools and football clubs.

Manufacturer Powershot
country of origin Germany
Code 40034


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