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NexGen Pro balance trainer

Popular balance ball for home use and professional use. Diameter 65 cm, weight capacity up to 159 kg. An ideal tool for fitness exercise and rehabilitation.

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Product description

BOSU® means „both sides up“. BOSU® Balance Trainer can be used with the platform either up or down. New BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer "NexGen™" with a textured design is focused on maximum functionality. This means that it is possible to use them as efficiently as possible. Textured surface BOSU® allows you to maintain an accurate body position for exercise and workouts for cardio, mobility, strength, bodycore, balance and mobility. BOSU® is designed to engage body coordination and the ability to maintain balance in every position of exercise in fitness and rehabilitation. It can also be combined with other tools, which allows you to use a lots of exercises for the user from beginner level to top athletes.

- Diameter: 65.0cm
- Weight: 9 kg
- Weight capacity: 159 kg
- Diameter: 65 cm
- Height: 25.4 cm
- Dome: textured surface, reinforced construction
- Base: non-slip surface
- Pump included

About the brand Bosu

BOSU is a popular exercise for strengthening the muscles of the whole body. The basis of this exercise is an inflatable balance dome, which can be used from both sides.

BOSU® training is about expanding movement capabilities, reshaping bodies and strengthening minds. It’s about inserting thought into movement.  It’s about asking our clients, fitness students and athletes to be physically involved, but to also be present and fully engaged in the training process

 On our website you will find these BOSU balls for recreational and professional use

Manufacturer Bosu
country of origin United States
Code 40101


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