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Multi 3 Games mobile posts

Multifunctional and height-adjustable posts for hobby volleyball, badminton and soft tennis.

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Product description

Do you want to play volleyball, badminton or soft tennis? Thanks to the mobile posts Multi 3 Games, you will enjoy the game without worries with complicated court preparation and net height adjustment. Mobile and height-adjustable posts are universally used for the most popular games on a hobby and recreational level, both indoors and outdoors. They are placed on steel basis with wheels, so you can place them anywhere as needed. There is no need to install holes and ground sockets, as is the case with standard posts. The lower post with an inner diameter of 8.2 cm is firmly attached to the base with screws. The upper post is height-adjustable, you simply select the required net height, extend or retract the post and secure with a locking pin and screw. You can then stretch the net thanks to the steel castors at the top of the posts and the tensioning mechanism with the handle.

The posts are made of welded steel with a wall thickness of 1.4 mm, the inner diameter of the upper post is 7.6 cm, the outer diameter of the lower post is 9 cm. The height of the net can be adjusted to 7 positions from 155 to 245 cm using a tensioning mechanism. If you need to place the net in a lower position, it is possible to attach it to the hooks.

It is necessary to insert a load of approx. 60-80 kg into each base before the start of the game in order to sufficiently ensure the stability of the posts.
Before installing the mobile posts Multi 3, read the instructions carefully. You can download it here right of the product description.

- lower post: length 127 cm, outer diameter 9 cm
- top post: length 145 cm, inner diameter 7.6 cm
- base size: length x width x height: 67 x 40 x 13/31 cm
- weight of one post with base without load: approx. 25 kg
- material: welded steel
- options of net height adjustment: in 7 positions: height 155, 180, 190, 200, 210, 224, 243 cm
- location of hooks on the lower post: in 7 heights: 20, 50, 83, 93, 107, 112, 129 cm

O značce Merco

Under the Merco brand, we design and have our own sports equipment manufactured. Because we like to do sports, we always try to improve the training equipment by some practical gadgets. We focus on affordable sports equipment for gyms, schools, sports clubs, leisure activities, fitness and home workout.

Merco is a popular brand on the Czech market, especially for its excellent price-performance ration of sports equipment.

Manufacturer Merco
country of origin China
Code 63499
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