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Magnesium Carbonate sports chalk, bag

Effective sports chalk for absorption of moisture and sweat from the hands, making your performance more reliable and efficient. Three different packages.

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Product description

Magnesium carbonate (MgCO3) acts as a drying aid for the hands, helps to absorb the moisture and sweat from the hands. The dry surface of the skin increases friction and improves adhesion. Dry hands will provide you stronger and more reliable grip and thus more efficient and safer sporting performance. Sports chalk Gipfel Magnesium Carbonate is gentle on the skin, so you can use it in any quantity, but a small amount of this Gipfel Magnesium Carbonate is highly effective.

About the brand Gipfel

Gipfel is an Indian brand specializing in the production of outdoor equipment. Proof of the high quality of the products is the fact that it was the first Indian manufacturer of outdoor equipment to receive CE and UIAA certifications. An experienced team of employees emphasizes the high safety and functionality of the products, while maintaining a reasonable price.

Manufacturer Gipfel
country of origin India

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Magnesium Carbonate sports chalk, bag

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