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LF glide wax

The series of waxes with improved sliding performance, designed especially for active hobby skiers.

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Product description

The series of glide waxes Vauhti LF is designed especially for active hobby skiers. Fluorinated series LF provide a better sliding performance compared to the basic series of waxes. The composition of these waxes is identical to the highest series Vauhti LF RACE, with the exception of lower amount of fluorocarbon. You can use Vauhti Quick UF for cross-country skis, downhill skis and snowboards.

Vauhti LF waxes:
ALL TEMP = universal – for all kinds of snow at mild winter temperatures
WET =   +10 / -1°C   – wet snow
MID =   0 / -5°C   – new and wet snow
COLD =   -1 / -10°C   – all kinds of snow during cold winter days
POLAR =   -1 / -25°C   – rough and dirty snow during cold winter days
GRAPHITE =   -1 / -25°C   – dry, frozen snow at extremely low temperatures

About the brand Vauhti

The Finnish company Vauhti was founded in 1910 and its wax "Salaisuus" was a revolutionary product at the time. It became the basis of the oldest company producing ski waxes. The results of the development that started this wax can be used by all skiers today. From professionals from the top of the World Cups to tourists who love nature. Behind the waxes of Vauhti is careful and long-term testing in laboratories. They use the laboratories of the University of Finland for the research. The Vauhti development team is constantly improving its knowledge of the skier's contact with snow in all possible weather conditions.

Manufacturer Vauhti
gram 60 g
type of wax solid
country of origin Finland

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LF glide wax

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