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H2Pro Ricochet ricochet ball grey

Top ball in three versions by the level of play - from novice to professional players.

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Product description

A ball designed to ricochet game features the same size as squash ball, but the ricochet ball is made of distinction rubber syntetic, its surface is covered by many tiny holes. Kinds of the balls are categorized according to their velocity and rebound ability. They are divided according to players performance to three various colour. H2Pro Ricochet red ball has the best rebound ability, therefore it is suitable for beginers. The purple one is conceived for advanced players, it is necessary to heat to the optimum temperature and then achieves a superior rebound and H2Pro Ricochet the grey one is official ball of the Czech ricochet association (CRA) as well as approved by international ricochet federation (IRF) and is designed for professional players.

About the brand H2Pro Ricochet

The manufacturer H2 Pro Ricochet is engaged in the production of the entire squash range. In our online shop you can find mainly ricochet balls.

Manufacturer H2Pro Ricochet
colour grey
homologated IRF
country of origin Czech Republic
Code 5360

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H2Pro Ricochet ricochet ball grey

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