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Catapult starting block

Quality athletic starting block for training and competitions. Horizontal adjustment of aluminum pedals, up to seven tilt positions.

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Product description

Starting block for training and competition Merco Catapult is created by 64 cm long and 10 cm wide base, made of high-quality aluminium alloy with twenty grooves for horizontal adjustment of aluminum pedals, which allows you to adjust up to seven tilt positions using the snap spring system. Solid, ergonomically shaped pedals with four-point grip are fitted with durable rubber with anti-slip grooving. Complete block Merco Catapult has got weight 4,7 kg and it is suitable for all artificial athletic surfaces, which are the ideal base for twelve 8 mm long stainless steel spikes for a perfect stability. Assembly and manipulation with Merco Catapult is easy, intuitive, without any tools. Modern starting block Merco Catapult will provide you the best performance.

About the brand Merco

Under the Merco brand, we design and have our own sports equipment manufactured. Because we like to do sports, we always try to improve the training equipment by some practical gadgets. We focus on affordable sports equipment for gyms, schools, sports clubs, leisure activities, fitness and home workout.

Merco is a popular brand on the Czech market, especially for its excellent price-performance ration of sports equipment.

Manufacturer Merco
country of origin China
Code 33511

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Catapult starting block

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