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Original Mini massage pistol

Mini massage pistol

Massage guns have become a very popular tool for effective massage of all muscle areas. Pistols have spread not only among athletes, but also among the general population who want to indulge in effective rest after demanding working days. The main advantage of Mini pistols is practicality. Thanks to its size and adjustable arm, you can carry this device in any handbag or backpack.

Massage of any muscle part

Practical and powerful

Comfortable massage after a workout or a busy day

This massage pistol is not intended for professional massage salons.

The package includes a gun body, massage head, charger and instructions for use.

- Setting: 4 levels of oscillation speed
- Package dimensions: 20 x 20 x 8 cm
- Pistol weight: 0.42 kg
- Package weight: 0.78 kg
- Charging for up to 2-3 hours
- Battery life per charge min. 4 hours

Masážní pistole
Massage gun

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